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1968 Flxable New Look by Black-Ronin 1968 Flxable New Look by Black-Ronin
I thought I would take a break from the trains just a bit. Interestingly enough, I happen to like buses as well and this one is my all time favorite. The Flxable New Look Transit Bus. This one was part of a 1968 order for the Manhattan and Bronx Surface Transit Operating Authority (MABSTOA) in New York City and it is seen in it's original green paint scheme. Flxable introduced their New Look buses in 1960 competing directly with GMC's New Looks which debuted a year earlier. The first Flxable New Looks sported noticably larger headlight assemblies and the turn signals were in a stainless steel housing that wrapped around the corners much like that of the GMC's but they were located just above the headlights. By the late 1960's, Flxable started using smaller headlight assemblies and the front turn signals were no longer housed in stainless steel but were relocated to exactly the same height as the headlights. Although the new turn signals protrude out to the side a a bit the front had a much more cleaner look to it. Flxable was purchased by Rohr Industries in 1970 and there were some subtle changes made to the design. The stainless steel vents located on either side of the front signboard were replaced with fiberglass vents painted to match the bus body and fastened with black rubber gaskets. Also, the large three to four piece rear windows were replaced with a smaller one piece window with the muffler relocated to just left of the new rear window in keeping up with GMC's Environmental Improvement Package (EIP) upgrades. The last Flxable New Looks were built in 1978 although GMC continued to build them from their Canadian subsidiary well into the 1980's. Gumman Industries purchased Flxable in 1978 and introduced their new Advanced Design Bus (ABD) in 1980. This was the 870 and it was an absolute disaster. Over 800 of them went to the MTA in New York City and they immediately developed cracks in their underframes as well as other problems and by 1984, then MTA President David Gunn, ordered their immediate retirement. In 1983, Grumman sold Flxable and they began building much improved versions of the 870 bus renaming them Flxable Metro's. It's interesting to note that the MTA's defective Grumman fleet went back to Flxable and were rebuilt and upgraded and were resold as 1987 Flxable Metro's to Queen City Metro in Cincinnati, Ohio and New Jersey Transit. In 1997, Flxable filed for bankruptcy and all their assets were auctioned off. Ironically, the MTA ordered fifty new Metro's from Flxable in 1995 but Flxable closed it's doors for good just as the order was being produced. The bus order went to Canadian builder, Orion instead.

This was hand drawn completely from pencil.
TheNovaBUSFan Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2013  Student Photographer
Amazing... BTW It's Flxible. ;)
J3t-5h0jun Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Serious Skill. Enough said.
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